I love this forest fawn wax seal stamp!! It makes my daughter happy and laughing. Great Christmas wax seal stamp!
Beautiful stamp! I seal all my orders before shipping them out for my small business and love the look of this forest fawn! It adds a forest touch and is extremely detailed.
This is gorgeous. The image cut is perfect. It would look lovely on a desk and I can imagine how nicely it would impress wax. Great product - recommended!
My favorire wax seal stamp yet! It's so pretty!!
Looks just like the description and pictures. That was a pleasant surprise.
Smaller than I imagined it would be, but it’s actually the perfect size. Great detail and intricate pattern that transfers well to the sealing wax I use.
Who does seals in wax anymorev no one! So when the option for wax- that can be used in your glue gun- and this well made artisan seal came up- I grabbed it. And the compliments rolled in- yeah... really!
Amazing, wonderful, show stopping, never seen before. In all seriousness tho it’s pretty amazing. It comes with the forest fawn stamp. Pretty neat.
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