I got this for my 23 year old daughter for Christmas. She spent several hours playing with the different combinations and used it send Thank you Cards.
I really like it! I just got into wax seals. I’m a teacher and will use them all the time in class since I have a Hogwarts theme. My students love to collect them. Hogwarts seal is super fancy. But I really like every product of this set.
These seals are awesome. Must buy for any HP fans.
These are pretty neat! The seals show up very nicely. They’re crisp and clear, and definitely a must-have for any HP fan.
I think that these stamps are be too detailed so that they worked great!
We used wax seal instead of hot glue for our seals and these worked great! They look phenomenal. We absolutely love them!
I bought these to make some Christmas decorations for my Harry Potter Tree. Great quality!
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