This is my first wax seal stamp head, and I've been very pleased. Highly recommend.
I absolutely love this one. It takes me back to my adolescence and adds a special touch to cards, wrapping paper, almost anything you can think of.
Great value. Very good quality. Packaged very well. Works perfectly.
I'm so excited about this! Though the positioning takes a tiny bit of practice, the process of making a gorgeous wax seal is SUPER easy. Each of the images screw into the handle securely. It takes minimal pressure to create a sharp image. It does its job well. I love the fact that I have multiple images to choose from depending on who I'm gifting to and what I'm packaging.
Absolutely loved this wax seal stamp. Gift for Sister was a huge hit! Shipped quickly, nice packaging, Very well made. Old world charm, thinking of ordering one for myself!
I love these stamps!!! They are well made, very detailed.
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